Sunshine after Rain

So many times in life I wish I could just vanish into thin air. I’m tired and exhausted seeing all these.

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Sometimes, I feel as though the only option I have is giving up

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Send your good energy into the Universe and good energy will come back to you. 
Mark Patterson, @Expherience (via kushandwizdom)

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That was the thing. You never got used to it, the idea of someone being gone. Just when you think it’s reconciled, accepted, someone points it out to you, and it just hits you all over again, that shocking. 
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever (via observando)

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Its one of those fucked up nights where everything leaves me feeling like shit. I’m this worthless isn’t it?

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All the could have and had been.

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About Me

Unpredictable yet under control ;P
Sees things differently
Savouring every moment lived.
No pain,no gain is my life motto.
I reblog nice stuff & i do not claim them as mine unless stated.
Inspirational quotes are my favourite.
Loves photography but unable to capture those precious moments :/
Quiet at times but naturally lame.
Loves being surrounded by people I care for & people who cares about me ;P
Enjoys meeting new people.
Wants to spread joy & happiness to everyone. <3
if you have any problems,pls do ask me.
i'd be glad to help you.



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